Surface treatment


Vietnam Parkerizing Hanoi Co., Ltd. is a supplier of surface treatment chemicals for industries to use for many different purposes. The company’s products include: cleaning metal surfaces, increasing resistance to corrosion, creating coatings for substrates for paint and lubrication features for cold stamping processes, etc.

Surface treatment chemical will be supplied belong to customer requirement (funtion\application):

  • Zinc phosphate is used for parts that require effective adhesion to organic coatings, corrosion and paint resistance.
  • Calcium Phosphates are suitable for high temperature resistant parts such as assembly screws inside cars or engines
  • Manganese phosphates are applied to high friction parts, corrosion-resistant properties such as gears and pistons.
  • Zinc phosphates & Lubricating Oils are applied for cold stamping parts to shape and extend life.
  • Non-Chrome & Cr3 + are suitable for Aluminum parts that require basic properties against corrosion and paint.
  • Chromate chemicals for steel sheet
Surface treatment process is to modify the surface of the substrate material before coating with another process. There are many applications of surface treatment process such as corrosion resistance, based on organic coatings, resizing to serve cold stamping and anti-wear processes.
After cleaning the surface with suitable techniques, the metal surface will react with the surface treatment chemical and create a crystal membrane of coating compound membrane.
Vietnam Parkerizing Hanoi Co., Ltd offers a variety of surface treatment processes that meet all customer specific requirements.